Industrial areas

Industrial areas in Skellefteå municipality

Skellefteå has the space to help you expand and develop your business

Skellefteå offers everything from industrial units, retail premises, office accommodation, and general commercial areas, not only in the city but also in the towns and areas outside the center.

Solbacken is an industrial and retail park just north of Skellefteå city center with a mix of retail, light industry, manufacturing industry and offices. In the retail area, which is largely built of wood, there are well-known food, sports, fashion, and car chains. Export and service companies have offices in the area, but recycling sector companies also feel at home. A puclic transport hub (buses), direct connection to the E4 and vacant lots make Solbacken one of Skellefteå’s most attractive locations..

Centrally located along Route 95 is Degerbyn, an area for small industries and office operations. Skellefteå city centrer is easily reached by car, bus and bicycle. Here, plastic manufacturers thrive as well as construction companies, engineering companies and warehouses. Adjacent to the area are residential areas consisting of villas and apartments. If you are looking for an urban location, Degerbyn should be your choice

Hedensbyn is one of Skellefteå’s main industrial areas, with space for both small and large companies. The spectrum of industries operating from here is broad, with everything from the manufacture of demolition robots, to boatmakers, logistics and transport as well as Skellefteå Kraft’s bioenergy operation. Parts of the area are also suitable for heavy industries that require a little more space. Hedensbyn new buildings facing Route 372 are ideal for small businesses. Hedensbyn is adjacent to the area where Northvolt is building its battery factory.

Sörböle is a brand new industrial area. It’s planned that this industrial park will be well suited for both large and small companies as well as businesses that require a little more space. It’s also an area that can accommodate noisier industries as it’s a good distance away from residential areas. The area has good communication links via the E4 and Skellefteå airport. 

Its central location along the E4 and proximity to the city center makes Anderstorp an attractive area for retail, small industry and offices. Nearby are car dealers, a supermarket and a building supplies store. New plots with optimal signage location along the new E4 draw are well suited for small industry, offices and retail.

Bergsbyn is a new industrial area that is being developed for the establishment of energy-intensive industry, including the Northvolt battery factory. There will also be room for other companies and the area is easily accessed by rail, a well-functioning port, and the E4 and 372 roads.

Skellefteå harbor is a center for heavy industry with a long history in metals mining. Boliden/Rönnskär and Kuusakoski are two of the internationally-known businesses operating here. The port is being upgraded to a deep harbor, as part of a huge investment project. The port is adjacent to the railway and is suitable for companies that need good transport and logistics solutions. The harbor is adjacent to the Skelleftehamn community, which has schools, restaurants, and shops and which is reached by regular bus services from Skellefteå. 

Skellefteå Airport, one of Europe’s fastest-growing airports, is 20 minutes from the city center, with frequent departures to Stockholm Arlanda, but also other charter flights. The surrounding area is perfect for logistics companies.

Land and premises

Industrial land in Skellefteå and in the surrounding countryside

Skellefteå is a large rural municipality, almost 40 times larger than Stockholm municipality. Entrepreneurship has always coursed through the region’s veins with each town and village having its own unique approach to business.


Boliden is known for its mining. Gold has been mined here since the 1920s and the mining community is still thriving today. The magnificent local environment with forest, rivers, and lakes has also seen the tourist industry growing, focused on fishing, hunting and outdoor activities. Boliden has good communications and presents opportunities for small and large companies to set up, with abundant land and premises for production and office operations. From Skellefteå city center it’s a 30 km drive.

Bureå is a beautiful village just south of Skellefteå just off the main E4 route. In the summer, the area attracts many visitors with its flea markets, secondhand shops, and camping opportunities. There are also schools, local services and a church along with restaurants and cafes. The area today offers perhaps the best opportunities for offices and light industry. It’s a very good location with a mix of businesses!

Burträsk is a small town about 50 km from Skellefteå with a rich entrepreneurial history. Since 1872, Västerbotten cheese has been manufactured here. Today you will find several agricultural companies and the only retail outlet exclusively devoted to Västerbotten cheese. There is also a long-standing tradition in wood and carpentry. The forest, lakes and the plains are brilliant for snowmobiles in the winter and there are nearby ski slopes. Burträsk offers good opportunities for light industry and office locations. A bus from Skellefteå city runs regularly.

Bygdsiljum, a community 10 km from Burträsk and 50 km from Skellefteå, has more jobs than residents thanks to Martinsons, a giant of the timber industry. The community is ideal for small businesses in different fields, such as tourism. Bygdsiljum’s ski slope is one of the most visited in northern Sweden, with slopes for the whole family. There are good opportunities for most companies in this area.

Byske, with its famous fishing, beach and five-star camping experience, is one of Skellefteå’s biggest tourist hotspots. But it’s good for small businesses and light industry too. The business base is mixed – from consultants to workshops and furniture making. Skellefteå to Byske is a quick 20-minute drive on the E4. Byske has a marina, so you could even sail up the coast if you feel like it!


Ersmark is an area 15 km north of Skellefteå and 5 km from the E4 with a strong base in light industry and office accommodation. There are also two corporate giants in the rubber industry. Good communications via bus and proximity to the motorway make it convenient to get to and from the area. The rural atmosphere with large plains, forests and farms contributes to making Ersmark an excellent alternative for most companies. You can also quickly access Kåge with its wide range of services.

Fällfors is located about 30km from central Skellefteå and offers interesting opportunities for light industry. There are premises adapted for the plastics industry, but also office buildings. Skellefteå Drive Center operates from here and offers a wide range of experiences and conferences. From Fällfors it is not far to Byske, with good fishing, a broad range of local services, great, sandy beach and five star camping.

Jörn is a relatively underdeveloped area about 80 km from Skellefteå city. Currently, there are mainly small companies with their base in the forest industry. The town has a train station, ski slope and glorious scenery. It’s around an hour’s drive from Skellefteå. Buses also run regularly to and from Skellefteå. If you are looking for office accommodation or somewhere where your light industry company can grow, Jörn is a good option.

A wide array of shops, light industry and offices make Kåge an attractive base for both small and large businesses. The area is close to the E4 and located about 10 km from Skellefteå city. There are plenty of manufacturing companies in plastic and metal. The largest company is in the wood industry and has a private port. Of course, the harbor for leisure boats and local services is close by. There are good communication links via boat, bus and car thanks to the location by the sea and an easily-accessed road network.

Lövånger is next to the sea, about 60 km from Skellefteå city. Although the area is best known for its vibrant arts and crafts and bread scenes, there is a mix of other sectors, not least electronics. The area is ideal for light industries and if you need office space you will find what you are looking for here. Lövånger is famous for its old church town and Bjuröklubb, Västerbotten’s most popular nature reserve. Bus and road communication links are good.

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