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60 billion kronor will be invested by 2030

10 billion kronor in social investment. 10 billion kronor in new housing. 35 billion kronor investment from businesses. 5 billion kronor in infrastructure investment. 

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Invest in a great high-growth area for new and sustainable industries

In Skellefteå we have a mix of successful world-leading companies, high tech know-how and cutting-edge technologies. Skellefteå is a major export city with visitors from all over the world and, for many years, Skellefteå has been high on the list of the country’s most business-friendly municipalities. Growing up in an environment where good ideas are appreciated has laid the foundation for many successful entrepreneurs and world-renowned companies.

Skellefteå is today a modern and fast-growing region that attracts talented people from all over the world. The service sector, which includes retail and tourism, is the fastest-growing area with flourishing new companies and strong employment growth. Skellefteå’s economy is based on a large private sector. The municipality has a strong tradition of entrepreneurship originating from the area’s rich natural resources – the forest, the ore, and the river.


A surprisingly broad spectrum of industries

You’ll soon discover that Skellefteå is an area with a long tradition of entrepreneurship, a tradition stronger than those of many cities of a similar size. Historically, entrepreneurship is based on the rich natural resources from the mines, the rushing rivers, and the deep forests. Driven by the power of ideas and the desire to constantly evolve, many Skellefteå industries are now world leaders in their respective fields. However, today, it is the service industries sector and tourism which are fastest growing in terms of numbers of employees. Here there are electricity-intensive industries, computer game developers, digital companies, cleantech clusters, mining operations, forestry and wood giants and tourism specialists, all alongside a traditional heavy manufacturing base. In Skellefteå, we accommodate the full spectrum of commerce.

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“We have been working for a long time to identify Skellefteå’s strengths and match them to the needs that exist in the outside world. What has brought about the recent increase in interest in the area is that we have identified how to use factors such as the geographical advantages of Skellefteå, clean energy, talent, peace of mind and, not least, our brave and pragmatic people.”

Kristina Sundin Jonsson, Chief Executive Officer of Skellefteå Municipality

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Skellefteå’s ever-evolving wood industry

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