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The importance of architecture for the growing city

“Good housing is what really counts,” notes architect Thomas Sandell. “And to build so there is never the need to tear down buildings. With greater density in the city center and a higher degree of closeness, Skellefteå will be very interesting for investors.” Hear out Thomas Sandell’s thoughts on Skellefteå’s…

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Green preconditions establish unique growth possibilities

The Skellefteå region continues on its path to be one of the most attractive in Europe. With a robust electricity grid and almost unlimited access to renewable energy, the municipality attracts electricity-intensive industry and newly-developing industries. Christoffer Svanberg at Node Pole firmly believes that Skellefteå is a unique place in…

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Skellefteå’s successes – a matter of national interest

Northvolt’s decision to establish a mammoth battery factory in Skellefteå, Europe’s largest, has placed the municipality in a unique position. Here in Skellefteå is the municipality where the most per capita investment is being made in all of Sweden, and the investments must be made not only in a socially,…

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Ett starkt näringsliv är en förutsättning för vårt mål att växa till 80 000 invånare år 2030. Målsättningen för vårt arbete är att du som företagare ska ha de absolut bästa förutsättningarna för att starta, driva och utveckla ditt företag med basen i Skellefteå kommun.

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"Skellefteå is growing - this area is the future."

It wasn’t long ago that the decision was made to build the Northvolt battery factory in Skellefteå, but work is already underway. Right now it is all about land surveys and procurement, but the hope is that planning and construction of the necessary roads and rail lines will start soon. However, the factory building itself is only a small part of all that is happening. There’s no doubt that work on Northvolt’s establishment is in full swing and that confidence in Skellefteå is booming, but there’s lots more good news too.