How can the municipality help me move my business to Skellefteå?

Skellefteå municipality has an enterprise service for those who want to move all, or part, of their business to our municipality. For example, we can help with customized information, arrange visitor programs, help locate the appropriate premises, coordinate information from the municipality and local partners during the establishment journey and share our network. Ask us anything! All dealings, of course, are confidential.

Can I seek investment support for setting up in Skellefteå?

Yes. As part of the efforts for regional growth, the Region Västerbotten can make contributions to, among other things, investments in buildings, machinery, equipment, marketing and innovation development in micro, small and medium-sized companies. The Enterprise Office can help you with the application. 

More info on the Region Västerbotten website. 

Where can I find information about vacant sites or premises?

Skellefteå municipality has an agreement with Objektvision, so all ads for vacant sites or premises advertised there can be searched on this part of the municipality website. web. Skellefteå municipality tries to advertise all available plots. It is free of charge for property owners to advertise on ObjektVision so we encourage everyone to use that service. Depending on the type of premises, it may also be worthwhile to see if there are ads on Blocket or on various Facebook pages.

How do I buy land from the municipality?

Contact the Enterprise Office or Property Development department to book an introductory, no-strings-attached, chat. Together we will look at all available plots and discuss which sites are suitable depending on your type of business. Contact the municipality’s customer service and you will be contacted by the correct person. 0910-73 50 00

What is the infrastructure like?

Skellefteå has a comprehensive infrastructure that connects the municipality with the rest of the world. Skellefteå airport has several daily departures to Stockholm (flight time, 1 hour) and from there on into the world. Umeå, Luleå and Arvidsjaur airports are all within 2 hours’ travel. The E4 passes through the city and is the main road along the coast. Route 95 goes from Skellefteå to Bodö in Norway. For freight services availablePort of Skellefteå which also has connections to the rail network. Norrbotniabanan is a planned railway between Umeå and Luleå with an extension north to Haparanda. The route can be seen as a northern extension of the existing Botnia line. The government has made a final decision on the national transport plan for the next ten years and this means that the first phase of the Norrbotniabanan route between Umeå and Skellefteå is now being built.

Is there advice and help on moving to the area?

How can I attract and recruit employees?

There are a variety of recruitment and staffing companies that can help you find the right people for your company.


Entrepreneurs who need support and support when it comes to skills supply issues should contact the Enterprise Office. They can answer questions about everything from education and recruitment, to mapping and ideas about development in the area of skills.

  • Support with the focus on skills provision

     – Skills mapping and support for skills supply plans
     – Recruitment support
     – Help create:

  • More apprenticeships
  • New courses and more training places with several educational partners
  • General education for a variety of occupational categories
  • Develop customized courses for local businesses
    – Highlight the opportunities to make a career in Skellefteå
    – Campus development based on business needs

Contact the Enterprise Office for more details.


Recruitment agencies

Skellefteå has several recruitment companies that can help you find the right skills. Here are some:

Staffing and recruitment companies
Ghost Competence 
Terminalen Executive Search 
Wikan Personal


Is there higher education available in Skellefteå?

There are a variety of opportunities to broaden your skills and education in Skellefteå. There are two universities, a vocational college, municipal adult education, folk colleges (folkhögskola, which offer evening classes as well as other courses) and student associations. If you want to study at home or elsewhere, the Learning Center may be for you!

University and Vocational College (Yh)

At Campus Skellefteå you will find university courses from both Luleå University of Technology and Umeå University. There is also polytechnic education, which offers post-secondary vocational training courses designed in collaboration with industry.
Read more about Campus Skellefteå 

Municipal adult education

Municipal adult education, VUX, has its base on Campus Skellefteå. VUX offers basic primary and secondary education courses and Swedish for immigrants, SFI. There is also special education for adults and education for those with dyslexia. 
Read more on Vux.

Folk colleges

There are three folk colleges in Skellefteå municipality. Medlefors is located just west of central town, Edelvik is in Burträsk and Solvik in Frostkåge. You can study at a folk college if you are 18 years of age or older. Folk colleges provide flexible study opportunities for adult learners. The schools normally give preference to the elderly and applicants with limited prior school education. Participants with disabilities, immigrants and the unemployed are other priority groups.

Edelviks folkhögskola 
Medlefors folkhögskola 
Solviks folkhögskola 


If you want to distance study or study through another university in Sweden, you can get support and service through the Learning Centre.
Lärcentrum, Campus Skellefteå 

Is there an international school?

Yes. An International English School opened in 2019. Visit their webpage.

Is Skellefteå a good location for electricity-intensive industries?

Yes! The supply of renewable energy combined with land in attractive locations makes Skellefteå particularly suitable for electricity-intensive operations. Contact the Enterprise Office and they can tell you more.

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